Private Cloud Hosting Services

Welcome to Falcon IT Services private cloud hosting. This site uses open source software and is free of charge to our clients. Applications on this site are open source and provided on an as-is basis.

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Nextcloud is a flexible on-line workspace that includes file storage, document management, and an on-line office collaboration suite.

BBB Server is a distance learning platform for one-to many training and education. Primarily intended to be used as a teaching platforms for educators, it is also useful for private organizations to provide sales presentations and technical training to their customers.

Wekan is a Kanban style project management platform that allows for simplified project management using swim lanes.

Open Project is a robust project management software that can be used by small businesses and large enterprises, and primarily designed for complex project management.

OpenXchange is a secure, robust e-mail platform that includes an office work group collaboration module and encrypted e-mail.

Rocket Chat is a real time chat platform perfect for work groups and team collaboration.

SuiteCRM is a customer relationship management tool to help sales staff and customer support teams build better relationships with their customers and prospects.